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Dr. Brittney Mims has curated a combination of physical therapy, pilates, sports rehab, and dance medicine to help you heal, in the heart of NYC.

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Services Offered

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive care promoting improved function and performance.

Physical Therapy

Receive a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Soft tissue massage and mobilization, joint mobilizations, functional mobilization.


A mind-body exercise that provides daily conditioning, promotes whole-body health, and develops mental awareness to optimize your personal performance.

Sports Rehab

Do you continue to get hurt during workouts? Questions on what to do in the gym? One-on-one sessions will focus on improving form while exercising smarter.

Ella Titus, Miami City Ballet | Alexander Iziliaev, Photographer

Dance Medicine

Dance-specific injury reduction strategies, performance analysis, and treatment of current impairments. One-on-one sessions with a physical therapist.

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Meet Dr. Brittney Mims

Dr. Brittney Mims

Physical Therapist

Dr. Brittney Mims graduated from the University of Florida with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and went on to graduate from New York University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has practiced in Manhattan, treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions in an outpatient clinic and backstage on numerous shows on Broadway.

Her portfolio includes Hamilton, The Lion King, Mean Girls, Beetlejuice, To Kill A Mockingbird, Aladdin, A Bronx Tale, and many more. Brittney has worked closely with Miami City Ballet as a rotating physical therapist...

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What Her Patients Say

"I couldn't recommend Brittney more. I've worked with her for the last year in PT and Pilates. It has made an incredible difference in my back pain, core and overall health. I struggled with back pain for years using other PTs that were only semi-effective. I'd be in deep pain for days at a time when my back would spasm. Now I'm able to bounce back in a matter of hours, with extremely lessened pain (as in a 1 out of 10 when it used to feel like 10+ before working with her). Also, she's delightful!"

Kristyn, NYC

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